The Sharing Place Food Centre is a community-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Orillia area residents living with food insecurity. With support from our volunteers, donors, staff, and community partners we provide a diverse set of programs that strive to create a healthy community through access to nutritious food.


A healthy community through access to nutritious food.


We provide dignified access to nutritious food. We reduce food insecurity through food education programs, community partnerships and advocating food security. We use food to bring people together and to build a stronger and healthier community.


Nutritious Food Access for All

We believe access to nutritious food makes our community healthier and is a basic human right. The Sharing Place supports and advocates for public policies at all levels of Government that strengthen our local food system and provides access to nutritious food for all. We believe this will save lives, reduce health care costs, reduce food waste, and empower our community

Be Inclusive, Equitable, and Polite

We create an environment where all people feel comfortable and welcome. Our staff and volunteers provide a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment within all our programs. We strive to provide culturally appropriate food that meets the dietary needs of our patrons.

Be Sustainable

We work towards being a sustainable organization by balancing our social and environmental responsibilities with financial viability. We do this through evidence-based decision making that will maximize our return on mission while respecting our natural environment.

Communicate and Educate

We effectively communicate about what we do and why we do it, as our way of educating and mobilizing our community to address the issue of household food insecurity.

Be an Amazing Partner

We leverage resources and partner with like-minded organizations that support our core programs and create a more accessible, stronger food system.



The Sharing Place Food Centre works alongside a variety of organizations and individuals whose support is crucial to furthering our mission and, one day, achieving our vision. We work together to improve our programs and help our region’s most vulnerable residents, creating a healthier and happier community.
The kindness and selflessness of our community makes everything we do possible. We cannot thank our citizens, businesses, and community organizations enough for coming together to make The Sharing Place Food Centre the special place that it is. Our partnership network is the reason we can provide food assistance, community cooking classes, gardening programs, and nutrition classes to our residents and neighbours in need. If you, or your organization, feel you could be a valuable partner with The Sharing Place please contact us to discuss how we can work together.